Edgar Navarro Energetic Jewelry

Edgar Navarro launched his brand in 2011 in Guatemala, under the name of ¨Maison Escarlata¨. Upon arrival in the United States in the 2019 the name of the brand becomes only Edgar Navarro.
The main characteristic of the brand is the development of techniques craftsmanship in jewelry and the use of energy crystals in each of The pieces. Each crystal and semi precious stone is selected and combined taking into account its energetic properties and healing. This makes each of our pieces an element not only aesthetic for those who acquire them, but also a talisman of protection, mysticism and good energies.
¨I had the opportunity to grow up in a country where mysticism and the esoteric world are fundamental parts of our idiosyncrasy and identity. Since I was a child I have been surrounded by stories, beliefs and practices that have formed in me and my I work a conviction that everything around us affects our energy and the way in which we develop in our day to day.
That is why when creating the brand I chose to work with crystals. energetic. My goal is that when acquiring a piece by Navarro it person is not just an accessory but an ally to improve their lifetime''.
Model wearring Edgar Navarro moon earrings

Since the launch of his first collection in Washington D.C. Navarro has launched more than 20 jewelry collections in Weeks of the fashion of Guatemala, New York, El Salvador and Costa Rica. their creations have been used by artists like Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars), Valentina (RuPaul’s Drag Race), Sarah Sohn (Sense 8), Sara Galindo, Gabriela Salvadó, among others. And one of his pieces was the winner of the American Beauty Star Season 1 show, driven by Adriana Lima.

Valentina RuPaul's Drag Race wearing NavarroEdgar Navarro Designing