Mookaite and Fossil Stone

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Probably the most unique energetic benefits Mookaite is known for is its anti-aging properties. It embraces the power of an ageless spirit which helps one to understand the correlation between the body and mind. It brings your beliefs about aging and degeneration to the conscious mind and imparts the knowledge that change is possible. It teaches the vibration of a young spirit, which assists in reducing the process of physical aging.

Fossils energetically support an increase in vitality and life span by reducing toxins, anxiety, and stress while balancing the emotions. Fossils have a very calming and soothing energy promoting feelings of tranquility, contentment and comfort. Fossils may assist one in business endeavors

This powerful Energetic Combo will help to raise the vibration of your body and mind. Encouraging you to feel younger and uplifts your attitude towards life, helping you to be adventurous with your decision making and bolder with your steps in life