Monja Blanca Earrings

  • $70.00

Stainles steel Orchids inspired in Guatemala's national flower is La Monja Blanca or The White Nun Orchid. Looking at the center of this one of a kind Orchid, you'll understand how this immaculately white flower got its name. The Monja Blanca is mainly found in The Verapaces area, northwest region of Guatemala. What makes this flower so special? The Monja Blanca ( Lycaste skinneri alba) is an albino variant of pink Lycaste skinneri and very rare. Its a hermaphroditic flower, meaning it produces millions of seed that it can self-fertilize and requires a specific fungus to germinate.

My family comes from Coban, where orchids are abundant. Part of my family on the Archila side, has created a sanctuary to preserve and cultivate the native species of Orchids from Guatemala. I created this necklace as a tribute to my heritage and my magical country.

A set of Earrings like no other. With a Sterling Silver base.