Barrilete Earrings: Green and Blue

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Hand embroidered earrings inspired by the beautiful town of Sumpango in Guatemala. 

On November 1st every year the people of both Santiago Sacatepéquez, and Sumpango, Guatemala, put together giant kites to fly during the Day of the Dead during the All Saints Day Kite Festival.

The vibrantly colored designs on the kites, made of cloth and paper with bamboo frames, depict religious or folkloric themes and they are flown in the nearby Sacatepéquez cemetery to honor the dead. The locals in this small municipality dress up in colorful clothing and head to the cemetery to spend the day cleaning up the graves and decorating them with flowers while they have picnics right next to their departed family members.

These beautiful hand embroidered earrings are inspired by this tradition and combined tecniques created in Santiago Atitlan.